Happy Holdays!

Johnsteel posted Dec 25, 16

There is a chill in the air, It's that time of year again. As christmas rolls around. We here at serious server would like to wish you all "good tiding and safe passage!"

website news

  • A Direwolf20 1.10.2 topic has been added for discussion about topic relevant to that server.
  • An AllTheMods topic has also been added for our up coming ATM server.
  • The Yogscast topic has been archived may it RIP.
  • A staff page has been added to the website so users may view list of our staff.

Server news

  • IlikeRoses has continued to produce a quality pack
  • Excellent progress has been made on the SeriousServers voting plugin.
  • Direwolf20 1.10.2 is really thriving with new players joining every day.
  • Our AllTheMods servers is being set up and will be coming soon.
  • New Direwolf20 server coming soon.
  • all 1.10.x server will be getting a new server lobby soon.

I would like to thank the community for being amazing!

I would also like to thank the Serious Staff for doing a great job!

~Sincerely, John Steel